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Mods, let me know if this is better suited to Daily Questions– I made a standalone post because this ended up being rather long. So! I'm graduating in May and will be traveling in France (Paris, Nîmes, Cassis, Nice) for about two weeks from May 19-June 1. Think a mix of city time, beach time, hanging out with my friend. Less sightseeing but still a lot of walking. So far, [my travel wardrobe is here]( Pictures are organized Dresses -> Tops -> Bottoms -> Shoes -> Outerwear. I've been struggling with putting it all together and could really use some feedback. Relevant considerations: - Anything that should be left at home/any crucial basics I'm missing? - My wardrobe is very basic/neutral, and I'm happy with that for everyday life, but I want to pick up a couple more trendy/"fashiony" pieces. Both of the dresses I'm bringing are new acquisitions in that vein, but what kind of tops/bottoms should I mix in? Wide leg pants? - I tend to go for a more cropped silhouette on top, since most of my bottoms are quite high-waisted and I have super wide hips. Is this seen as juvenile or tacky outside of the US? It doesn't show much skin but I don't want to stick out in a bad way. - I've been getting really into linen for summer (live in Socal) and I also hear it recommended a lot for summer travel. Is there any way to deal with the wrinkle factor? Or just suck it up? - Too many shoes? My sneakers are way less nice and new compared to the picture, so I'm mostly bringing them for something to go on light hikes in. - What jackets do you wear for 60-80 degree weather? I'm in a major "5 year old denim jacket" rut and want to switch things up. - How to add interest without bringing 10000 accessories along? I tend to wear really simple geometric earrings, and I have a couple pairs of cool sunglasses I'm bringing, but that's about it. At home I rotate through a lot of scarves, necklaces, and cardigans but I don't think that's practical for travel. Thanks in advance for your responses, and sorry for all the bullet points!